Sir Winston Notmykat's story
The Story of
Over the winter of 2017-2018, I had seen fleeting images of a cat
Then in early summer, a cat was sitting at the edge of the woods. The cat
looked thin and frightened. I threw it a breaded chicken thigh which it
quickly grabbed and toted into the woods. Every morning and night
thereafter, I put out fresh water, moist and dry food and talked to it from
a distance. Almost two months had passed when one day, I returned
home to see the cat sleeping on the porch step. I got its food ready,
placed the food and sat patiently. Todays the day, I thought. As the cat
took its first bite of moist food, I gently touched its head. It didnt hiss. It
didnt run. I accepted the challenge. Thereafter, I talked softly to it as it
ate its breakfast and dinner and gently stroked his head. For the next few
weeks, we talked more during feeding times. One day, I was massaging
his back for the longest time and stopped. He raised his paw to my hand
and pulled it down to him. I think it was telling me that the neck
massages felt good and I wasnt to stop.
For now, his name is Sir Notmykat (Kat for short), because I
couldnt think of anything else. Hes approximately 2 years of age and
weighs 9 pounds. Kat likes to talk. Knead his front paws incessantly. He
excels at sleeping and playing with his purple mousie. On August 17 he
was neutered, wormed, treated for fleas and mites , tested for FeLV and
FIV (both negative) and has been vaccinated for rabies and FeLV. For
now, Kat is in a foster home but is looking for a forever home with a
family who will keep him indoors and love him for the rest of his life.
Wont you open your heart to this little guy who struggled alone and
frightened for so long and yearns for some tenderness and love.
Contact Patty at or

to schedule a time to meet this cutie!

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